Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nine Days

This is a link in homage to one of the greatest education posts I've seen in a long time. Reason being, I'm glad to hear these words coming not from another teacher in New Orleans, but from a teacher in Georgia - The Empire and Grandmotherland itself. Some things cut across lines drawn on a map. I was able to identify with so many of the words, that I need not add too many of my own. From EHT at History is Elementary:

The month of May can be classified as the worst of times because by the time the ninth month of school rolls around students, teachers, and administrators have been about as tolerant with one another as they possibly can. The colleage or student that rubs you the wrong way seems to try to do so just that much harder once May rolls around. It gets harder and harder to sit on your hands and keep your mouth spouting positives when what you’d really like to do is cross every bridge and torch it into oblivion as you go.


On the other hand…

May is the best of times because for many students if you tune in your brain just right and use your best observation skills you can truly see growth in each and every child even the ones like I described above. All children grow in some way during the school year.
There's much more where that came from, you should go read it.

Tip of the hat to the Georgia Blog Carnival. (also run by EHT)


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