Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stormy Sunday

Just got a call from the folks. I had spoken to them at about 11 am CST this morning for the Mother's Day call, and they told me that the severe weather had moved through. The New Orleans family had discussed this at breakfast today, since storms were tearing up the rest of the south.

So they called back a little while ago, and apparently a tornado has done some damage to St Simons Island, too. Happened this afternoon, up on the north end of the Island, around Sea Palms West and Major Wright Road (for you locals). Reports (I made several calls) tell me that the city of Darien, up the coast, was hit even worse. (My calls to friends in that town aren't getting through.) I'm hearing that power is out, lines are down, the damage to the oak trees is nothing short of catastrophic, and the authorities have shut down most folks traveling on Frederica Road, the main north-south street on the Island. So far, it sounds like most Islanders were just rattled a little bit, and are picking up. I'm hoping everyone is OK. I hope that story holds out. More on this later.



liberalandproud said...

Well, just goes to show how you can be more in touch down there than we are here. I'm at Mom's house in North Glynn County, and she got just a little wind here. I spent the afternoon at my apartment in downtown BWK, and all was well there. Was on the island for church this morning, and all was well, aside from a lot of rain. We weren't even aware of the tornado damage on the island or just north of us in Darien. Hope those folks are safe.

Leigh C. said...

Oh, no!

Please keep us posted. I do hope most everything is copacetic in that everybody's okay and not seriously hurt.