Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finish Him!!!

Everywhere I have worked or played, there have always been rivalries. Server staff vs. the Kitchen; restaurant vs. other restaurant; Creswell Hall 2nd Floor vs Creswell Hall 4th Floor; Seniors vs Juniors; Sattelite Office vs. Region; Store vs. Store. The list goes on. We have dealt with these rivalries in many, many ways. Some ways have involved football, others have involved laser tag, still others involved paintball. I've survived prank wars, fireworks golf, scavenger hunts, rock-paper-scissors and snowball fights.

I have legendary stories to tell about all of them. They carry me through life like a spark in my soul.

But I never thought to do a mock up of them and make it into a movie. That's what locates this video about a hundred and ten meters past awesome in my book.

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Leigh C. said...

Fireworks golf? What the hell? Whack it before it blows?

Dante said...

And where was the bar on the 2nd floor? There was no 4th floor vs. 2nd floor rivalry. There was only the 4th floor. If anything, the 4th floor's big rival was the 7th floor. One of those guys took a dump in the shower and left it there. I'm not sure we ever topped that. They also had a good volleyball team up there.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

2nd Floor vs 4th Floor RA's. My bad. The dump in the shower was nasty, tho.