Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gary Hart's Advice to Hillary

No, not advice from his experience in the 88 Presidential Campaign. It's advice from his sort-of similar 1984 Campaign against Mondale*. This article has kind of a VH-1 Behind the Music storyline of 1984 where if a band doesn't exactly fit the patterned story Behind the Music uses, they'll just cram the band into that storyline anyways**. There were a lot more differences between 1984 and 2008 besides the establishment candidate being on the winning end rather than losing end, respectively. First and foremost, they were really both establishment candidates. Gary Hart was a big time player in the Democratic Party long before his 1984 run. There was also a lot more bite to the fears that Mondale couldn't win a Presidential election against Reagan. Mondale had after all been part of the sinking ship that was the 1980 Democrat Presidential ticket. He had the stink of Jimmy Carter all over him.

But it was an interesting nomination process and this article is worth a read even if the only advice Hart really gives out in this 2-page article is relegated to a single paragraph.

* I am still convinced Mondale only ran for Senate a few years back so he could finish out the set and lose in all 50 states instead of just the 49 he lost in 84. Expect him to run for something in DC one of these days.

** See Bon Jovi as an example. Behind the Music likes to have the part in the show where the band breaks up and doesn't get along that well and with Bon Jovi they used the Blaze of Glory solo song Bon Jovi recorded as a jumping pad for that angle. But really the rest of the band just wasn't interested in recording at the time. No major band strife even though VH-1 tried to paint it that way.

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