Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Kiss My Rebel Ass"

I can't believe I'm linking to an article at the Weekly Standard, but here we go. This is the most entertaining political article I have read in months, if not years, and the rambling subject matter will be one of the major subplots of this year's presidential election. Hell, it already has been, and it is something a lot of Southern Democrats have been saying for years.

I've already got a rather large wager going on with several colleagues as to who will win in November, I've got side bets on how the electoral map changes. During my recent vacation back to Glynn County - one of the brightest red counties in Georgia - I saw raging political movement down to even the most local offices. Obama bumper stickers already outnumber McCain fare 2 - 0, on Glynn plates alone.

What would happen if Obama pulled a Kennedy and went down to Appalachia himself? What would happen if he coupled that with a tour through the Black Belt of the Southland? It may force some folks to rethink their calculations, to be sure.


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liberalandproud said...

He may not be here, but his staffers are. There was an organizational meeting last night, and the turnout was double what was expected. Right now the focus is on voter registration, but the same folks who are working on that now will be tapped to canvass (sp?) later. We registered 66 last weekend, and we're going for 100 tomorrow. There really is a groundswell, even in Glynn County. Yay!