Monday, June 09, 2008

Super Secret Liberal Takeover Headquarters Update

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Tip of my sweaty red Georgia Bulldawgs hat to Suspect Device. Without him, I literally never would have seen this.

I love - and I mean really, really love hearing the right wing talk about college campuses being the places where young impressionable minds are brainwashed into the religion of liberalism. Back in the ol' days, when I was at college (and I was there for quite some time) there was a fair amount of political radicalism and social activism. There was quite a bit of umbrage and offense and indignaiton about the way the 'old world' worked, and how it would need to change!!

That's just part of the territory that comes from moving out of the fantasy-land of high school (you remember: when you lived with your parents, cruised the strip on the weekends, played in an atrocious cover band and worked in the service industry) and entered the reality-free-zone of college (where you lived in the dorms, tried to sneak into bars on the weekends, played in a slightly-less-atrocious cover band and worked in the service industry). Add the sweet socialist nectar of alcohol-on-demand to this enlightenment, and you've got a situation on your hands. That situation is half kegger and half revolution.

But, in all seriousness, so much of the politics is coffee shop smack talk that the equation is really 90% kegger and 5% revolution and 5% trying to find someone who's 21 to go get you some booze. Then add about 60% football season, another 30% going out to see bands, and another 135% chasing girls. I know that adds up to something like 300% or whatever, but my math skills = why I went to UGA and not Georgia Tech.

That enlightenment for the revolution thing is really moved to the back-burner, is what I'm sayin'. Other priorities emerge. It becomes more difficult to brainwash someone to any political bent if that person is nursing a hangover, by an order of magnitude at least. I point to exhibits "A" and "B".

Oh yeah, and occasionally you have to go to class to watch the right wingers look uncomfortable around liberal professors. Because right-wing children have been raised not to disagree with liberal professors because this may cause something called a discussion. This can be worked into one of the funniest drinking games I've ever ... umm ... witnessed. (Mom reads this stuff.)

Back to the point: I love it when the right-wing gets all up in a tizzy about college campuses and liberal brainwashing. But I lose my mind when they use the University of Georgia as an example of left wing shenanigans.

I guess this is our backlash for having the socialist HOPE scholarship for so long, right? I mean, we had our moonbats, to be sure (I used to be one of them), and they can be terribly obnoxious (as I once was), especially if they have power (which some of them do). But most of them haul ass back to Atlanta on game days for a reason.

Now this chick wants to complain, and I'm laughing so hard right now it is difficult to type, about left-wingery in the English Department??? Chick, that's why they built Park Hall. There is a reason the statement "you're not a communist, you're an English major" is so funny to UGA grads. There is also a reason the ROTC building is directly across the street from the English department. Just in case their drunk wears off and they start seriously thinking about that revolution stuff.

I mean, if you want to avoid liberal thought at UGA, leave the English department and walk in a northerly direction for about 200 feet. There you will find several buildings that service the "Terry College of Business," and there are few places in the world where you can go to see such a concentrated and fervent dedication to free-market Atlanta-fried capitalism.

But that might make too much sense, and not feed the myth of the left-wing intellectual brainwashing of America's youth.

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