Friday, June 27, 2008

When White People Attack

I find this situation absolutely disgusting. These people are animals, nothing but animals. Videos are NSFW, and the profanity is extreme. Right now, my knuckles are white, my teeth are gnashing, and I'm considering supporting the right-wing plan to drill for oil off California's coast if they simply promise to wreck Malibu first. (But the last one will pass in a few minutes.)

Let me state a few things before you go and see what I'm talking about (reminder NSFW - language):

1. I don't like paparazzi, but there is no excuse to attack people who are doing nothing illegal on public property.

2. If these were black people attacking photographers, everyone would have heard about it ad nauseum on the evening news everywhere in this nation. Our reactions to this type of violence, which is nothing more than spoiled-brat thuggery - or wilding - as it has been called, should be outrage no matter what the race of the attacker. This should be all over the news, and the folks clearly identified in the video as attackers should be shown no mercy in the courts.

3. The woman in the second video blatantly assaults and batters a photographer, and informs the photographer that if he defends himself from this physical assault, that he will be the one in trouble. So much for equality.

4. The overwhelming number of surfers I know advocate a libertarian existence (do unto others etc) and are active in movements to keep beaches ecologically clean and open for enjoyment by the public. Most don't behave in such ways. It is a shame to have such a segment of the population painted by this, but again, it is more important that the criminals in this case be punished.

People who act in such ways, even against paparazzi, are nothing better than trash, trash, trash.

Update: 6/27/08 10:29pm CST Just saw the story run on Headline News. About damn time. I won't be happy until it runs in primetime.


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