Wednesday, July 23, 2008


While I was away in Georgia, and not watching the news, Hurricane Dolly blew up out of the Gulf of Mexico, going from depression to hurricane in just a few days. She made landfall as a category two hurricane but then began to degrade as quickly as she strengthened. God willing, south Texas and northern Mexico will be spared too much damage, though it is awful early to be making estimates.

Hopefully, the moisture will move north into Texas' drought stricken hinterlands and bring some much needed rain, but we're probably looking at a lot of flooding and runoff rather than the kind of rain the area needs.

And again with the levees? With breaks now having made the news in Louisiana, California, the Midwest and the attention they have gotten in south Texas at the Rio Grande, can we have a serious debate on this nation's water-control infrastructure?

Furthermore, a new report, while focusing on areas affected by Katrina and the Louisiana levee breaks, examines who does NOT want to evacuate in the face of a hurricane. Numbers apparently hover around 27% of the population 'refusing to evacuate' between 0 and 20 miles of the coast in the Southern states.

I personally think that number is rather low, but I reckon it depends on a case-by-case basis.


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