Thursday, July 24, 2008

Marketing Majors

"i bet someone in his campaign actually speaks german.

It appears that Sen. Barak Obama will be getting a little crap from the right-wing because he advertised a speech he made in Germany. I agree fully with Herr Gillett's take on the matter.

And, after all the staging President George W. Bush's administration engaged in, how dare any right winger call out Obama for advertising a speech with handbills and posters? FYYFF.

I've said before that today's right wing is having problems because they're a bunch of marketing majors with nothing to sell but a brand name that used to mean something. I was wrong. They aren't even marketing majors anymore, because they don't understand that you're supposed to advertise an event before it happens. And when you do that, it is good to use advertisements the locals understand. (I would love to see Obama use this theory in Appalachia when he gets back, though. Twofers!)

Try to read as many nefarious things as you can into this, O right wing!. Obama was giving a speech and he wanted people to hear it. Maybe some McCain staffer should take notes.



Dante said...

Who the hell is Patrick Ruffini? If you're going to bother taking a swipe at the low hanging fruit, make sure that low hanging fruit is at least relevant. Taking swipes at Huckabee and right wing daytime radio is good form but this is just sad.

I do wonder why Obama is spending so much time overseas though. But who can pass up a place where you're so popular? An Obama/Hasslehoff ticket could get a mathematically impossible 105% of the German vote.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, no one is talking about this poster or the right wing (and left wing) reaction but a few folks. Not much to see here, low hanging fruit and all.

It isn't like any other right wing blogs of note should pick this up and run with it.

Especially anything like Blogs for John McCain.

Low hanging fruit? This will be on Pundit TV and Limbaugh-like radio before Monday.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

And does the National Review Online count as "low hanging fruit" as well?