Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Our Favorite Mayor... (Update)

I haven't talked to our man formerly-in-Florence in a while but have kept up with the Florence Mayoral race through the news. For those not in the know, Stephen J Wukela (not to be confused with American television producer Stephen J Cannell, producer of such wonders of modern television as the Greatest American Hero, Quincy ME, and The A-Team) beat Frank Willis (not to be confused with Willis Jackson/Drummond, a character in the popular American sitcom Diff'rent Strokes) in the Florence Democratic primaries by a single vote. There's some minor mudslinging going on. Willis is claiming that one of the voters doesn't actually live in Florence so he's contested the results with the Democratic Party board. The Party board told Willis to suck it so he's taking matters up in court.

Arrows aimed firmly at Wukela's back, former Florence Mayor Rocky Pearce smells blood and plans to run as an independent. Election rules dictate that Willis cannot run as an independent if he loses the primary but I'm not sure if that is Party rules or State rules. So at the moment, there may be two man race in the general election. I kind of figured as much. A youngster (in political years) dethrones or at least comes very very very close to dethroning the sitting mayor. No matter who wins the primary, there's some room to bust in there and take the prize as an independent. If there's going to be at least one independent in the running, it would probably be in the Democratic primary winner's best interests to have as many independents as possible. No sense in letting the opposition gang up on you.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

A further update, as I just spoke with our man in Columbia. The judge today just denied the appeal. The election currently stands as Wukela having won the Democratic Primary. They are expecting the independent run at this time.

Dante said...

Here's an article. It pretty much played out the way Mr. Columbia expected. Willis has two appeals left if I count correctly but the odds get pretty slim now.