Monday, July 21, 2008

Starbucks Closings

So Starbucks is closing 600 stores in the near future. Wall Street Journal has a list of the 600. I wasn't too surprised to find a lot of them that were closing were either right next to another one or in an area rural enough to not really need a coffee shop. Here are the ones I'm familiar with on the closing list:

Buford, GA: I'm not sure which one this is but Mall of Georgia II should tell you something. I'm guessing it's the one across the street from the mall but it may be the one actually in the mall. Either way, it's always crowded but I imagine that crowd will move across the street to the open one.

Duluth, GA: One of these is actually in the Gwinnett Place Mall. This is a mall that's home to a Rent-to-Own store and can't hold a full food court. I'm not surprised it can't hold a coffee shop either. The other is in a declining shopping center very near the mall. There's still at least one (maybe two) open in the area.

Pearl, MS: This is actually the last Starbucks I've been to. I wanted coffee and it was Sunday so the Chick-Fil-A I passed by earlier on my trip from Dallas to Atlanta was out. It's one road down from another one. That might fly in New York City, but not in Mississippi.

Desoto, TX: I've never been to this one but it's at Pleasant Run and Hampton. Desoto is a craphole and has been for some time now. Pinpointing a center of the craphole would undermine the crapholiness of the entire town. But for the sake of argument if there were a center, it would Hampton and Pleasant Run. It's not the town the Griswolds got lost in during Nation Lampoon's Vacation but it's pretty close these days.

Duncanville, TX: I've driven past this one. It's not in the best location logistically and there's one at the mall less than 5 minutes away. Once again, not the best neighborhood but there are far worse places you could be in Duncanville.

Red Oak, TX: I guess my old hometown isn't high falootin' enough to keep a Starbucks in business. Generally speaking though, Red Oak has always been a younger sibling to Waxahacie and Desoto. They can barely hold down a What-a-Burger. Red Oak is generally-speaking a poor town that has held onto its rural roots long after the rest of the area has given them up.

Arlington, TX: I've only been to one or two on this list and without looking them all up by address, I don't know which one is which. The street names I recognize are all right by a very large mall area and middle income residential area in Arlington. (Imagine north Gwinnett for those of you familiar with the Atlanta area.) There are a million of those suckers all right next to each other in Arlington. I'm not surprised to see so many fall, especially since the area is littered with the most doughnut shops south of Canada. I just can't see Starbucks effectively competing there.

What about ones you folks know from the list? Are you seeing the same trend I am here?

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S.A.W.B. said...

Of the two in Duluth, one is right by my office. Decaying is a nice word for the shopping center. That particular Starbucks also has been held up at least twice in the last 9 months. If I stop at one on the way in, it's about 5 minutes east of the office on Sugarloaf.

Your description of Gwinnett Place Mall is wholly accurate. It's entirely strange to me to drive around it now to get to some of the restaurants I hit there and see the three vacant theaters, vacant anchor slot, and general decay, since I remember it in it's packed 24/7 prime not too terribly long ago.

If only Jittery Joes, Caribou, or nearly anybody else would come nearer to my office...