Monday, July 14, 2008

Very Stupid Things

Yup, what I'm talking about is the cover of the New Yorker. What's next, 'satirical' cartoons of Obama's face darkened like OJ's on the cover of Time? John McCain piloting Air Force One while Obama shoots it down? Perhaps some cartoonist could lampoon McCain's "surrender statue" that they have on display in Vietnam? I can only imagine the indignation that would come from something like that (and I'm sure we will see something like it in the coming days).

I'm a big fan of political cartoonery and of free expression, but it is time we start lambasting some of these people on grounds of taste. There are far, far better ways to lampoon the knuckleheads that believe their false emails than to provide graphics for their fantasies on the covers of magazines.

And again with the "fist tap?" Are you kidding me? What a crappy way to sell magazines.

Update: Suspect Device's take on the matter.


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DADvocate said...

My parents have an anthology of New Yorker cartoons that covered 20 or 30 years beginning in 1925. When I was a kid I read it numerous times until I understood all the humor and then read it some more because the stuff was classic and funny.

They dropped the ball on this one. I think Obama would be a lousy president but this was over the top, below the belt or something like that.