Friday, July 25, 2008

A Woman Scorned

Don't exactly know what to think about this jilted bride getting awarded $150,000 because her fiancee left her, but I'm terrified at the precedent this sets.

So is this justice or bullshit? I'm torn, but my gut reaction is bullshit. I mean, yes it sucked that she left her high paying job, moved to another state and moved in with the toolbag she was going to marry, but that was her decision. She said yes. She decided that it was a good idea to trust that man.

How many other women (and to be completely fair, men) have been whalloped in such ways? At least three of my boys have been jammed up in similar ways by former girlfriends and fiancees, and they would have been laughed out of court had they sued for monetary and credit damages.

Does this mean they now have legal standing to persue action against these women?

In other thoughts, this is why a marriage license - issued and certified by the state governments - is so important. They are binding legal contracts backed up by the power of law. That's why divorces require lawyers. But up until that legally binding contract is signed...?



DADvocate said...

Whoa!! Where will it end? Men are turning away from marriage in greater numbers because of the unfairness of courts in time of divorce. Now, it looks like we should stop dating completely.

ruby said...

not just men, sugar. insane divorce rulings are one of many reasons i won't get married. of course, i don't say i will.

breach of promise used to be a fairly common suit, back when a ruptured courtship pretty much doomed a young woman to spinsterhood, with the burden of her support thrust back upon her family.

however, i can see no good likely to come of resurrecting the custom. the sexual misconduct laws these days are scary (and unjust) enough without adding promissory misconduct to the list of possible relationship offenses.

DADvocate said...

ruby, there are a lot of insane divorce rulings. They seem more lopsided in the woman's favor but there are getting to be more and more exceptions.

I remember breach of promise and alienation of affection lawsuits. I agree that resurrecting them would bring no good.

ruby said...

The worst part about this whole absurd ruling is that we already have too many reasons for people to get married, when they aren't really committed: social pressure, pregnancy, fear of loneliness, even insurance. Now lawsuit?

How do you make that fair? Particularly with the insidious cultural standard that says a woman has right to change her mind, while a man is only as good as his word.

You're right, of course, that divorce rulings tend to unfairly punish the husband -- taking his assets, his wages, and all too often, in cases with kids, his children -- simply because it is the custom.

I'm an uncompromising feminist, and the thing i hate most about the current women's movement is the "it's our turn" mentality embodied by laws like these.

DADvocate said...

ruby - the "it's our turn" mentality is one of the worst things about some feminists. One of my sisters holds this attitude to a degree. The thing is she isn't old enough to have been "oppressed" or held back by the pre-feminist world.

It's a selfish attitude. Taking something unfairly doesn't make up for things that happened to your grandmother.

I'm glad you see through this. Because of this I'd have a hard time considering you an "uncompromising feminist."