Friday, August 08, 2008

Another War

Tonight we're going to party like its 1968. Russia invades Georgia (the country). Full invasion, no half measures here. Tanks, planes, artillery, and troops are all involved. Though it seems confined to one small province, the chance it spills into other regions of the country remain high. President Bush, while at the Olympics, calls for immediate ceasefire and supports Georgia (the country)'s territorial integrity. Luckily, Russian former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was at the Olympics as well, so Bush didn't have to go far to go in order to tell him that.

Of note: Georgia (the country) is considered pro-Western, an ally in the Global War on Terror and was pushing for membership in NATO. They have coalition troops in Iraq. There are actually US troops in the nation, and Georgia (the country) has also been used as a base to support military activities in Iraq and Afganistan.

So, how will this all play out? Georgia (the country) must now remove troops from Iraq to protect themselves. How will the United States respond now to the invasion of our ally by a nation far more strategically important to us?


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Leigh C. said...

Why do you think I had to qualify my ancestry in front of a group of folks who were all of eastern European Jewish descent by saying that my grandmother was from Georgia in the United States?

Also...does this mean that if we want more focus on this country's infrastructure (and that of New Orleans in particular), we need to invade the state of Georgia and annex it to Louisiana?