Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bill Gillespie

As SAWB has noted many times, the 110th Congress (and the 109th, etc) haven't been doing to well. So I'll raise a toast to getting rid of incumbents, especially the Republican incumbent in Georgia's 1st Congressional District. To that end, here's some links to Democratic challenger Bill Gillespie of Chatham County. His resume is nothing short of phenomenal. He maintains a blog, and indicates that he recieved more primary votes in the Democratic primary (unopposed) than the Republican incumbent recieved in the Republican primary (unopposed). That number is important because it demonstrates a strong increase in Democratic voting percentage over the last two years.

Georgia's 1st Congressional District is one of the most solid Republican districts in the nation, and if there is a surge of Democratic support there, that could indicate a high degree of discontent with the way things are going.


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