Friday, August 29, 2008

Republicans Quite Excited

My dad (conservative republican) called me up this morning proclaiming a Democratic defeat in the Presidential election. "The Republicans just yanked the rug out from under Obama!!" he excitedly proclaimed. As I was still wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I was wondering if I was still dreaming. I went to sleep not long after the replay of Obama's speech, which I was rather impressed with, and I was thinking that the only thing that could have happened was that scandal had to have been discovered somewhere.

Then he told me she was a runner up for Miss Alaska and she was a hottie. Who? I asked, still wondering if this surreal conversation was actually taking place. McCain's VP, he said. Who? I asked, confused, confident in my menory that Governor Pawlenty was a dude from the Midwest. Alaska governor Sarah Palin, he said. Who??

For the first time since I could read, it seemed, my father knew something about politics I did not. Not that McCain had picked Gov. Palin to be his VP, but that a Gov. Palin existed at all. How did I miss this?

So the first thing I did was go online and search for anything about her. Apparently some folks thought back in 2007 that this was a possibility, and they were right.



Dante said...

When I heard McCain might choose Palin as a running mate, I was thinking of someone else. Now that would've been a pick that gets me voting McCain. I can see it now: "M-M-McCain t-t-tried to k-k-kiss me." Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis could be in the Presidential Cabinet.

I was aware that Alaska had a governor and would've been willing to bet it was a Republican but that's about all I knew about this Palin. After reading up on her, she appears to be a mix between Kathy Lee Gifford and Bear Grylls.

At least she's not jumping in front of an obvious choice like last time a female Presidential running mate was announced.* (Yes, I'm think of Mr. Monkey Business himself getting shafted for Ferraro.)

I'd have to rate McCain's VP pick as: "meh" The only real advantage she'll bring to the table is in the VP debates. Biden will come across looking like Rick Lazio. I don't think this will sway anyone who can't be swayed back by November. Who votes for the VP anyway?

* I'm sure some 3rd party put a female on the ticket somewhere along the line but I'm not counting them.

patsbrother said...

At first I was iffy on Governor Palin, but after reading the link Cousin Pat provided, I think I'm in love.

What's amazing is that each of the four major party candidates for president and vice president will make history, if elected. Let's see if I can do this off the top of my head.

Obama: first African America, first with a Muslim name, first sitting senator since 1960

McCain: oldest at election, first to be born outside the United States, first sitting senator since 1960

Biden: first Catholic vice president, (is he the first from Delaware?)

Palin: first woman vice president, first Alaskan, first sitting governor since Agnew

Now, I'm going to make a prediction (and I know how much you all love those). If elected vice president, Mrs. Palin will thereafter become president, and later generations will remember her as this century's Teddy Roosevelt. A conservative conservationalist; an outdoorswoman who hunts, fishes, and eats moose; an...ah hell, just read the link and it should make sense.

DADvocate said...

The other thing this selection accomplished: everyone has forgotten about the Democratic Convention. When was it anyway?

Shelby said...

love it. :)

liberalandproud said...

* I'm sure some 3rd party put a female on the ticket somewhere along the line but I'm not counting them.
As a matter of fact, the Green Party has women in both the presidential and vice-presidential slots this year. Not that they'll get much attention.