Saturday, August 30, 2008

Democrats are Quite Excited

In a followup to our previous story, we've gone from "low hanging fruit" to "fair game." Michael Moore has jumped on the I-hope-New-Orleans-dies-in-a-terrible-storm bandwagon. Of course Moore did go on to say he hopes nobody got hurt. But if you did get hurt or die and sink into the ocean, it would help out the Democratic Party politically. Feel free to attack. Moore's a nut job but the money he makes with his "documentaries" proves that his political views have enough following to assume a mass of support.

I'm personally not upset by pointing out the political ramifications of tragedy. There's a difference between hoping things happen and realizing an advantage from it happening. But I really think Moore crossed a line in his delivery. Much more so than the KOS poster did. "I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven." really conveys hope that the tragedy occurs.

EDIT: And just in case you think I'm taking him out of context, the linked article does have a video. I wouldn't blame you or thinking that since I do have fun taking people out of context (but generally point out when I do so).


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

NO, we are not taking that out of context. But we've known for a while that Michael Moore is a windbag. I'm filled with a rage so deep it borders on senseless. But that turns to pity soon. He's not even worth that much.

It is so sad that anyone would say something like that, but we've seen that Moore's only interest is in scoring political points, and he has chosen his career path so that he makes money off the misery of others. I can only hope that people will see that for what it is, and shun this misguided individual.

liberalandproud said...

Pat, I know a lot of folks over here who are praying for everyone on the Gulf Coast. Did you get out yet?

patsbrother said...

A former Democratic National Committee Chairman said recently that Gustav "just demonstrates that God is on our [the Democrats'] side."

Here's a link.