Friday, August 15, 2008

Diplomacy - The Cold War Version

Russia sank our proverbial battleship in Georgia but we turn around and set up a big ole' missile defense site in their back yard in a nation with proper NATO membership. Now that Russia is attacking Georgia and threatening Ukraine, Poland has jumped on board the Missile Defense Express. We get to place a missile defense base in Poland and Poland gets some US help against ballistic missiles and a promise to provide defense in the gap between when a problem starts and when NATO has to respond.

Of course Russian is complaining under the guise that they think the missile system is aimed at weakening Russia militarily. This is a farce since they could easily overpower our missile defense with their sheer volume of missiles. There's also that whole thing about the US inviting them to be part of the defense grid and even offering to be transparent with the information obtained and used. It's increasingly obvious that their real beef is Russia's bottom line on the sale of ballistic missile technology (and possibly hardware) in the region affected.

Russia is asserting their power over the oil pipelines and the US has responded by cutting the legs off of their large arms dealing with Iran and other unfriendly-from-our-perspective nations. Well played, sirs.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Interfax reported that a Russian general reacted to this news by saying Poland was opening themselves up to a strike by doing this.

This does not quell my unease at the similarities of the 1930's, and from Poland's statement of not wanting to be a part of an alliance that sends help later, they're thinking about it, too.

What steps do you think the United States is willing to take to defend Poland?

But I'm thinking about Ukraine and the Baltic States, too. How easy would it be for Russia to instigate revolts to undermine the those governments, and send in troops the same way they did to Georgia?

Dante said...

"What steps do you think the United States is willing to take to defend Poland?"

I think the US and all members of NATO had better be willing to at least live up to their part of the bargain and that means defending Poland militarily if necessary. If NATO breaks down, it'll hurt its European members far more than it will hurt us and I imagine the members that matter are well aware of that.

On the other hand, I personally don't think our allies are going to lift a finger to defend Ukraine or anyone else not already a member of NATO and that means the Soviet bloc isn't dead yet.