Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jim Martin

What a fantastic time to be a Georgia voter and be given the choice of voting for candidates like Bill Gillespie and Jim Martin. Martin has defeated Vernon Jones in the Democratic Primary, and will face one of the most dour and uninspiring Republican Senators - Saxby Chambliss - for Georgia's Senate seat in the fall.

(This is the same, classy Saxby Chambliss who painted triple-amputee Vietnam veteran Max Cleland as unpatriotic and weak on defense, the same Saxby who went all the way to Washington to do little in the Senate besides get his face on TV and rubber stamp whatever the President told him to do, the same Saxby who has overseen our nation's economy crumble over the last 6 years....)

But let's get back to the point, before my blood pressure gets up. Jim Martin's life story is one that reminds you where forward-thinking southern Democrats come from. He reminds me why I am a Democrat, even in a good year to be a Democrat. I share many of the views listed on Martin's issues page. Especially the part about Immigration when he says: "we have to crack down on employers who hire illegal workers." Extra-especially because that's in the top bullet.



patsbrother said...

Yesterday, after I dropped off some donations at Potter's House and after I picked up some tasty McDonald's, I realized that the day may have involved an election. Since I was out and about, I decided to go have a look-see.

When I got to my precinct (the snazzy new Multi-Modal Transportation Hub), there was not a car in sight. I went into the station and voted, and chatted with the four relaxed poll workers, the only other people present. One had just finished a three-month term as a grand juror so we talked a little about that and about how much fun grand juries can be. The five of us had a grand old time for all of about five minutes. Great people, really.

It was the middle of the afternoon and I was only the seventeenth person to have voted there.

Long story short: if something doesn't change soon, I fear there won't be enough interest in the race for Mr. Martin to make much headway.

But eh: there's always hope.

liberalandproud said...

Run-offs usually have low turnout, don't they? I'm hoping Bill Gillespie and Jim Martin will be doing some coattail riding in November!

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Run-offs do have a traditionally low voter turnout. Which is a shame. You'd think with all the traditional American expertise at resource management, marketing and streamlining we'd be able to figure out a way to make voting easier, more accurate and encourage more folks to do it.

I mean, the idea that ol' Sprout had to take time out of his retirement to go vote, and that in Athens - that town of hustle and bustle and nobody having any time for leisure activities or civic duty - would only garner a measely 17 voters for a runoff, well that's just a shame.

[ / sarcasm ]