Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Locker Room Material

Smiley Anders has a somewhat gloomy demeanor when predicting LSU's 2008 campaign. He thinks it will end the regular season 9-3, that Arkansas will knock the Tigers out of SEC Championship game contention and that the 2008 destination is Atlanta for the Peach Bowl.

He also predicts that Georgia will recieve a "solid whipping" in Death Valley. (HT: Georgia Sports Blog)

Two things about this:

1. Ryan Perriloux wasn't THAT important, ol' boy. LSU will miss Glen Dorsey and Jacob Hester far more than any other players from 2007, but there is still skill, talent and hunger at those positions for 2008. LSU is still a monster team and will still be the class of the SEC West. They have a defense that can chew Auburn and Alabama apart this year, if used properly. I see a two-loss LSU making it into the Championship game by virtue of tie-breakers over the schools from Alabama.

2. "Solid" and "Whipping" when used together, are pretty strong words.


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