Monday, August 18, 2008

No Fat Chicks...

John Moloney, the mayor of the small Australian town of Mount Isa has recently come under fire for "urging unattractive women to move in [to Mount Isa], assuring them they will find a man because there is a shortage of women." Apparently the townspeople have donned "No Fat Chicks" shirts in protest of the mayor's comments.* City Councilman Gary Asmus went further angered the townspeople by claiming: "the guys that live in this town seem like sex-hungry starved men that will pounce upon the first girl that they see walking down the street."** Bernard Gillick, owner of the local Irish Pub thought that people feeling indignant about the mayor's comments "need to fix their attitudes a little bit."*** Rumor has it, the administration at Georgia Tech is closely watching how the mayor's gambit works out. They may follow in his footsteps and beg ugly women everywhere to attend their school.****

* Ok, the t-shirt bit didn't really happen.
** I may have taken that out of context.
*** See **
**** I don't have a source for that but you know it has to be true.

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