Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The funeral march for New Orleans is already warming up out there, in Philadelphia and in the ether of the internet. Just look at the comment threads here.

We could always count on the right wing telling us how New Orleans should be bulldozed, but I never thought it would come from the left. I sure never thought it would come from the left to score political points during the Republican National Convention. Well, fuck these people. They are the same ones who want more soldiers to die in Iraq to encourage anti-war sentiment at home. They want the terrorists to win because that's what they think America deserves. They love it when tornados tear up some church in small town America because congregants were likely to vote against them.

And now they are hoping that people die in a hurricane so other people attending a politicl event will be upstaged and embarassed. The "timing" is just "too perfect." For a hurricane. That will destroy homes and businesses and schools and take lives and wash away all the hard work everyday Americans have been putting in for years to make something right.

I wonder what these idiots would have said if someone got hit a week earlier? Fay didn't upstage the DNC, so I guess if you're hoping it hits, you're hoping it hits much, much worse.

So much more "reminding power," yeah?

Fuck these assholes. These guys aren't liberals or progressives. They are two bit political operatives who couldn't hack a real job making this country better, so they thought they'd bitch about it. They are the low hanging fruit, though no one has yet told them. I'm done defending people like this. I know there are some conservatives who read my site, have at them. Wait till talk radio gets a hold of this news, I wonder how your "political reminders" will look then.

Down in the cone of death, there are folks taking time out of their busy evacuation-planning schedules who are loudly pointing this lunacy out, trying to shout down the band, indicating the unacceptability of wishing harm on anyone to score political points.

I'm sure there's more to say, but I'm off to help a friend move some keepsakes upstairs. Because a hurricane could be here early next week.

UPDATE: Well it didn't take long. For the right wing to start making the same sort of statements, reminding us how much they just want to bulldoze New Orleans. And this ain't their low-hanging fruit, either, this is (as Oyster points out) Glenn Beck. The Beckster also mocks actual facts, and doesn't want to spend a single taxpayer dime in any 'flood zone,' so keep that in mind Iowa, Florida, Coastal Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina.........



S.A.W.B. said...

And you're surprised by this, why, exactly, paT?

The Democrat Party has never, ever, given a shit about anything other than promoting more government, all the time. To hell with all the little people, so long as they can advance the greater cause.

Remember our long ago argument about class and politics, specifically regarding the two major parties? Tell me this doesn't fit exactly into the profile/stereotype that I argued about.

Also, I'm finding it more than humorous to see all the quick edits on a lot of those linked posts from dailykos and that other unreadable place about 'how they don't really want anybody to get hurt, unless they're republicans' or things of the like.

Seriously, paT, it may be time for you to actively rethink your support of the Democrat party. These are not our parents and grandparents Democrats. This is a new, vicious breed of Democrat that only sees politics as their own gladitorial pit.

patsbrother said...

Dude, there is still a number of idiots out there who profess to adhere to the belief that the Twin Towers were bombed, just so they can say Republicans did it to win elections and have all that fun with the war on terror.

A politician might say he is "shocked" by such stupidity and callousness, but I think that would be just an act; this is really just par for the course.

Dante said...

Now there is a good example of "low hanging fruit." A blogger for a fringe lunatic website who has a pen name that you would expect to see in a Quake tourney.

DADvocate said...

I just love the "I wouldn't wish harm on anybody but..." bit. In the realm of politics, like religion, I seek to convert not destroy.

I'm not surprised at all by the Kossaks. For your daily dose of hate just visit Daily Kos. Of course, they'll be wailing and gnashing their teeth if Gustav peters out or misses anything significant.

It must be my Catholic school education but I sincerely try to never tempt the devil, test God or wish ill upon anyone. The first two are easy and I very successful at keeping any ill wishes to myself.