Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speedy Little Bastards Aren't They

I was in bed last night at 11pm CST, exhausted from Friday and Saturday's Rising Tide III conference. I left pretty early, and drank far less than most folks who went out afterwards. So I'm wondering just how in the hell so much has already been written about the conference to wrap it up. This roundup is by no means complete, and plenty more will be written in the wake of RTIII, I'm sure.

Most impressive.

In no particular order:

Adrastos is still talking about Lee Zurik’s eyebrows.

Cliff has a fantastic prologue that really explains why we wanted him on the education panel. He represented, for damn shure.

G-Bitch sums up her best moments of the conference.

Jeffery points to the Times-Picayune article about RTIII and provides a roundup of his own.

Varg's notes.

Huck Upchuck's reaction about internet personalities needing to socially interact a little more. I'll chalk that up as another vote for more Geek Dinners...

Liprap goes over important notes from the keynote speaker.

Maitri has the comprehensive liveblog of the event. Keynote; Education panel, Journalism panel; Politics panel, the Ashley Awards; and provides a wrap-up. She also has a 345 word per minute typing speed, it actually breaks the sound barrier in a subtle way. The only other explanation: she can plug her brain straight into her laptop.

Swampwoman expected the event to be disrupted by authorities.

Clay wraps up his thoughts on the education panel; the journalism panel; and (of course) men's fashions.

Greg Peters extensively breaks down things that went on before lunch; noting that he missed the fight; and provides not just one but two wrap-ups.

Dirty South Bureau was just happy to be there yesterday.

b.rox asks a post-conference question of the education panel and also details the fight.

Dorophoria raises many valid concerns about the education panel, as does Tisserand. As the moderator of this panel, I'm going to have to respond to these and other concerns that are being raised about what went on there yesterday.

Clancy DuBose (and his new blue shirt) was inspired by what he saw.

Operating at a more reasonable speed is Tim, who chimes in Monday morning, and Pistolette, who blazes away on Sunday evening.

Oyster begins his epic wrap up this (Monday) morning, and really reiterates some of the most important things to take from RTIII.

And E chimes in real quick.

Sophmom discusses the attendance explosion, the afterparty and links to pictures!!!



Leigh C. said...

Yeah, I wanna respond as well as an organizer...

jeffrey said...

FWIW, I very much enjoyed the education discussion. From what I've read, the common criticism is that there should have been a "pro-charter" voice on the panel to make the discussion more... um... balanced I guess.

I'm very interested in hearing the response to this because, in my mind, there really isn't a "pro-charter" argument worth weighting equally with... you know... facts.

But perhaps this is a key reason why I'm not very well equipped to answer the criticism. I will say that I recognize it as coming from intellectually honest quarters (read: people who are personally and genuinely invested in a better future for NOLA public schools) but that's all I can say other than I'm very much looking forward to seeing your response.

Clay said...

Oh, no. I've become the men's fashion correspondent.

Leigh C. said...

Clay Eye for the RT Guy?

Kelly said...

I had quite a few problems with the education panel as a parent of a three-year-old. I agreed 100% with what Cliff had to say. I am committed to charters right now as RSD and NOPS do not seem like good options. I would love to have a good neighborhood school but that wasn't even an option four years ago.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I'm sorry you had so many problems with the education panel, I am hoping some of the coming responses can really explain some of the concerns people had.