Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'll not mince words: this ain't good. While there is still a lot of time for the path to change, somebody is going to get hammered by this one. As for me, I started making sure a lot of my things were together starting yesterday.

For the rest of us, here's some preparedness items to think about, especially the keep your gas tank filled up suggestion.

Besides creating a plan, stay organized and focused. This storm is far away, so you have time to get things together, but don't put it off.

When preparing to evacuate, be sure to have all your important papers together: prescriptions, bills, insurance papers, identification cards, firearms registrations, vehicle registrations, etc. Figure out what clothes you want to take. Figure out what keepsakes and pictures you want to take. Figure out how you will deal with your pets. If you are leaving any firearms, please make sure they are locked up.

If you leave your home, be sure to turn off your utilities, and, for God's sake clean out your refrigerator. Fill up your bathtub with water before you go.

If you live in an area that can flood, and are lucky enough to have a second floor, put some stuff up there. Bring yard furniture or other stuff that may fly around inside.

And make sure your family, neighbors and friends are all aware of the situation and are taking steps to mitigate their risks as well.

I'm off to top off the tanks.



jeffrey said...

Friggin needs more than just a fill-up.. but that's number one on the list.

liberalandproud said...

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone along the Gulf Coast. I just hope Gustav turns out to be as anti-climactic as Fay. If not, may you all be safe and dry.