Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Weather Channel is Worthless (Rant Warning)

Yesterday, parts of Georgia and South Carolina were hit by storms emanating from Fay. This led to quite a few severe thunderstorms and even a tornado or three. One of those tornadoes touched down in Oakwood, Georgia. There isn't a Weather Channel feed for Oakwood specifically but there is one that's customized for Gainesville, Georgia about 5 miles away (6.3 from downtown to downtown according to Google Maps' shortest route). While this tornado was ON THE GROUND in Oakwood, Gainesville's Weather Channel feed was busy showing the New England weather forecast. And no, it wasn't the satellite feed of the Weather Channel. It was the cable one that manages to show Gainesville in the local forecast segment. But it can't just blank out their regular programming to let people know they really need to take evasive action. They'll get around to it after they tell you the weather in Hartford. Because that's more important than getting your ass indoors and some place safe. Good job, guys.

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