Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You See Dem Headlights

One of the latest anti-Obama diatribes comes from another controversial character's endorsement of the Democratic nominee. This election season, we've spent almost as much time discussing the respective candidate's supporters as we have the actual candidates. First there were the preachers (Revs. Wright and Hagee) and now, there are the artists the candidates were formerly known to listen too.

That is a fantastic article though, from its praise of Rev. Sharpton for being quiet for the last 8 months (knock on wood), to the call for "sense"- orship in the face of "right-wing player haters," to the money quote:

"For the first time in American history, an entire community, from sea to shining sea, is being asked to stay on message for a whole year to help a brotha get elected."

Wow. Am I reading that right? One population walking on eggshells to avoid pissing off voters of another population so that a member of the first population won't be called a racist? Like reverse political correctness.


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patsbrother said...

I have a different interpretation.

NOT: stay on message or else Mr. Obama will not be elected out of a belief Mr. Obama is racist

BUT: stay on message or else part of the nation will refuse to vote for Mr. Obama out of a belief that those around him are just friggin crazy

Eh. Either way. I don't believe either reading is true, but that's what I took from the link.

I will take this opportunity to point out that you assume that political correctness is naturally only a one way street. I am referring to your "reverse political correctness" statement.

Apparently straight-up political correctness only functions to deem members of that second population racist.

Thank you for clearing that one up, Mr. Liberal.