Tuesday, September 23, 2008

40 Hours Older

I read this and still can't beleive it. Ethan is getting his learner's permit in Georgia and it is going to take 40 registered hours to do so? WTF? When I getting my learners, it was a vision test and a road sign quiz. My pops taught me how to drive (for months) before he let me take off on my own, and even then armored me on the roads with a 1978 Monte Carlo (that horrified me at 16 when I didn't appreciate such beautiful mechanics and style).

I respect making folks actually get some driver's education before a permit, y'all, and I've driven through Atlanta enough to know driver's ed is needed. But, damn, 40 hours is a whole lot.



patsbrother said...

Either the cops explained the requirements to your underaged friend incorrectly, or Ethan just got confused.

40 hours of driving is NOT required for a learner's permit in Georgia.


40 hours of driving experience IS required for a class D driver's license.


Two thoughts:

(1) You seem most disturbed at the idea that one would have to drive a whopping total of 40 hours. Next time, please be more disturbed at the idea that the State would require you to drive illegally (without a license) for any period of time.

(2) Regarding the 1978 Monte Carlo. Cousin Pat hated that car. I adored it. For years. Then, just when it gets to the point that I might be allowed to drive it, the parents sold it in part due to Cousin Pat's continual moaning.

I'm still a bit sore about that one, if you couldn't tell.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

That correction makes much more sense now. Addled brain = confusion on my part. Thanks for clearing that up.

As for the Monte Carlo, I have repeatedly admitted that was my bad. I just didn't appreciate many things back in those days, and I am far worse off today because of that mindset.

Ethan said...

Sorry guys! My mistake! I've cleared it up on my blog! And thanks for telling me. I guess I need to listen better in class... :P

Leigh C. said...

Dude, I was let loose on the roads after 10 hours behind the wheel.

And I was the proud owner of a '78 Ford Fairmont as my first car. If it hadn't been totaled by a dude with no license and insurance driving a Suburban, it would still be around today, most likely.

You dissed a '78 Monte Carlo, though?

You WILL burn in hell...