Thursday, September 04, 2008

But You ARE a Loser Because You Live at Home with Your Parents...

In a big what-is-this-world-coming-to moment, I ran across an article on how to deal with dating when you're a grown adult who lives at home with your parents. It gives a few stories and then has a segment for each story called "The Solution." I have a solution for you: be a grown-up and stop leeching off your parents. Here are the best quotes from the article:

She [Whitney] can say [to her mom], 'You're going to have to look at me as a responsible adult who can make smart decisions for herself.'

"I feel a little uncomfortable having dates over when you're here. Can we work out a plan?"

"I moved home because I got laid off from my job and it gave me the time to record my band's album,"

"What Joel can do is describe his living situation in terms of his plans-in Joel's particular case, saving money to record his band's album," Medea says. "Then he can focus on talking about the dream, rather than the things he has to do to make the dream happen. And since it's a cool dream, the woman will cut him some slack."

I don't consider myself to have reached the crusty old man stage of my life yet, but what in the hell is wrong with these youngsters? All of the people mentioned in the article have been back living with their parents for at least 3 years now. Joel is the guy that every father hopes their daughter steers clear of. He's 26 in a band and lives at home with his mom and dad.

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