Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cold Numbers

No shocker here, either. According to the Economic Report of the President, Democratic Presidents are better for the economy than Republican Presidents. Averaged and aggregated from 1959 to 2007. They even include a one year delay, to keep the numbers as valid as you can for this kind of study.

Analysis and explanation as well.

This follows on the heels of the McCain - Palin ticket spending all yesterday sounding very Democratic, blaming the fat cats on Wall Street for breaking trust with the American people.


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Dante said...

I like that they adjust for inflation but I'm a little leery of the use of per capita stats here. Neither inflation nor population counts are independent of overall economic output. Real GDP adjusts for inflation in such a way that it's essentially a non-factor. Per capita adjusts the GDP based on the current population. But it doesn't really take into account the change in population that is directly related to economic conditions. For example, suppose during economic booms people have more children. I don't know how large a difference that makes or which way it swings but it makes a difference in the total population and in that case would adversely affect future per capita numbers. Change in overall Real GDP is probably the best known indicator available.

Other than that, it's an interesting piece. I remember talking to someone at the Wukela barbecue about their concept of voting Democrat to live like a Republican. I don't buy into that but he's certainly have some sort of ammunition for that argument here.