Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate Slate

On the drive into work yesterday, I heard radio man Michael Baisden had some advice for Sen. Biden in regards to tonight's debate: don't get long winded. The idea is to let Sarah Palin speak as much as she likes, for as long as she likes about whatever she's thinking about behind those Tina Fey sunglasses.

After hearing Limbaugh compare the current economic crisis to Hurricane Katrina (WTF??), what Baisden said made more sense than anything I've heard over the radio all week.

I will be busy during the debate rolling burritos for the hungry population of the Lower Garden District, so I won't be able to see if Sen. Biden takes Baisden's advice. For those of you who do watch, however, Hey, Jenny Slater! has the drinking game rules posted.



Dante said...

Palin does a lot better with short clips of speech than with long speeches or interviews. She has way too many 'uhhh's and 'you know's. Kind of reminds me of Bobby's mom. Biden's best bet is to play this one not to lose and give Palin enough rope to hang herself.

As far as Slater's snide rule about Palin calling herself a reformer, at least she has experience in the role. With all of the whining over the culture of corruption in Washington, she would do well to flaunt it.

It doesn't mean that reformation will work at the national level. If I remember correctly, Bush did a good job of getting bi-partisan support while governor of Texas. That didn't carry over so well.

DADvocate said...

Economist Robin Hahnel described the impending doom as a category 5 economic disaster. Hurricane comparisons and analogies are all the rave now.