Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hate Week At Its Finest

Having really spared the rod during Florida-Tennessee Hate Week earlier in the season, Orson unleashes the wrath of the Old Testament God on the Dawgs.

If you are a fan of football, and even if you're not, you want to go read that one.

Hate Week from the premier college football/comedy/Florida Gators blog includes an interview with Mark Richt, a breakdown of the post-UGA @ LSU legal issues, and - of course - travel tips for to Jacksonville, Florida - an American cultural experience.

I wonder if he's going to do a Travel Tips Part III: St Simons Island? Maybe SAWB can write that over here since he'll be in my hometown this weekend? My consolation prize for not making the 11 hour drive? Raging up and down Octavia taking pictures of sugar high young New Orleanians, and later on Frenchmen taking pictures of....uhhh....high...on life... New Orlenians. I will be filing a report.

Next year, I make acutal plans to be back in the homeland for this most Holy (War) of weekends...


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Leigh C. said...

An actual clue from a crossword puzzle I did recently: 5 letter word for "Tuscaloosa Judas".

Feelin' the hate, man...