Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong In Atlanta

A cautionary tale if I've ever heard of one. An illegal immigrant works the system so he can buy a house in Roswell. One day, he wants to sell this house and get a bigger one. He plans to sell to a single mother from down the street. They try to cut a deal to get her in the house before it actually sells. She gets upset and crashes ol' dude's whole life to the ground. Now, he's in hoc with the authorities, and she lives at her momma's house. Whoops.

How much trouble could have been saved by the man, the woman, the real estate company, the man's job, and the Federal government that gave him a tax ID had everything just been above board in the first place?

Cryin' shame.



patsbrother said...

By "had everything just been above board in the first place," do you really mean "had we given each illegal immigrant immediate legality the moment after they cross our borders"?

Should we feel sorry when someone whose presence here is a felony improperly buys a house in his infant's name and is later caught? This is an event of his own making. The shrew just made that event sooner rather than later.

Dante said...

I'm not feelin' the love, here. An illegal alien may get deported because people found out about his citizenship status. Also, he may lose the home he fraudulently bought using his daughter's SSN. And from what I understand, he could've legally used his federal tax ID to legally purchase the house but didn't to save some money on the interest rate? Furthermore, he hasn't lost the house. He's just not sure what's going to happen with it right now. On top of that, now "his lawyers plan to apply to keep Jimenez in the country permanently?" Shouldn't we just automatically deny applications for permanent residency from people who are only applying after they get caught?

I don't really rate that as a "cryin' shame." Looks more like someone breaking the rules got caught and will now be punished for it.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Yeah, what I'm sayin' is everyone is punished here.

LawYer: What I meant by "everything...above board" - if dude had come here legally; had his boss checked his records before hiring him; had the government NOT given him a tax ID that keeps him here; had his real estate agent NOT suggested he flub some records to make that commission; had the prospective buyer waited till all the T's were crossed and I's were dotted before moving in; had the prospective buyer not thrown a temper-tantrum when her own deficiencies as a home-buyer were exposed; etc.

This is a cautionary tale because it is what happens when two houses of cards collide. Dude's life, which seems normal in almost every way, started off with a lie and a felony. This nearly negates the rest of the way he has lived and built his life here, and could end up with his family in poverty should the house be siezed and forfeited.

Chick's life, which appeared normal before she went all ATL on dude, was going to get a plum deal on a nice house down the street from her momma. Now, because she chose to "freak out" instead of "be reasonable," she owes back rent and stays in momma's basement. But this chick is the kind of person who'd cut off her nose to spite her face. It doesn't matter if everyone in the neighborhood and in the blogosphere agrees with her - she don't have a home.

This is the very definitition of keepin' it real going wrong.

This is just one of those things where a dose of maturity at any level would have avoided both collapses, on the front end or on the back end.

patsbrother said...

Yeah. Everyone is punished.

Um, "chick" does have a home. Her mother's place. And she might owe rent (yeah, best of luck on collecting that, dude), but if she does it's only for three months's rent, three months she occupied the residence at that. And if she could afford to buy a $160k home in the first place, I doubt she's going to be stuck in mom's basement for long and I doubt those three months rent (if ever collected) will really hurt her.

Boo hoo.

The federal government, which gave him a tax ID card (a move I cannot begin to fathom) has been punished by...by...the cost of investigating an illegal alien?

Boo hoo.

The real estate agent who sold dude the house is punished by...by...receiving his cut of the original sale?

Boo hoo?

Yeah. Everyone is punished.