Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pro Foosball Review

I had to post this article since it's so near and dear to my heart. Someone from ESPN actually took the time to cover the professional circuit of my favorite pseudo-sport. Yeah, air hockey is fun and so are darts and ping pong but in the world of pseudo-sporting events, you just can't beat a nice game of foosball, especially on a decent table. The closest thrill to the action of a foosball game would probably be a Skee Ball tourney but Skee Ball is much more a man vs. machine matchup. Foosball is all about Head+Head-to-Head+Head combat.

I find it really interesting that these professionals are outright destroying their bodies to play the game. I've hurt my elbow once or twice on a tricky shot but these guys (and gals) are even going so far as enduring surgery to keep playing. All for the love of the game (because there sure as heck isn't any decent money involved). I really respect that.

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