Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rising Tide IV

That's right NOLA bloggers, we talked about doing this all last summer. So now that I'm posting it rather than just talking about it, it becomes official.

I am attempting to get the ball rolling many, many months in advance and organize a low key meet-up/idea session to wrap up RTIII and start brainstorming RTIV. My idea is to schedule it between Thanksgiving and Christmas (somewhere in the middle of that) at a local drinking establishment or coffee shop that is conducive to loud and boisterous meetings.

You know if we wait till after Christmas, we'll wait till after Mardi Gras, and then we'll wait till after Jazzfest, etc. Then we'll be all in a rush to organize it, we'll take over Liprap's house again and I'll end up spending too much money at Popeye's Chicken while drinking all your Abita.

And while none of those are actually bad things, and now I'm thinking about chicken and beer, I wanted to open the thread for commentary and guage interest in this idea.

Any takers?


1 comment:

Leigh C. said...

Taking! After this Turkey Day, a'course...