Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2009 Predicitons

I have some predictions for 2009. Most of them are political in nature. Feel free to add you own:

- Obama's first year won't be as bad as Republicans think it will.
- Obama's first year won't be as glorious as Democrats think it will.
- A federal universal Health Care package eerily similar to Romneycare is going to make it to the floor this year...
- ...but union card check will happen first.
- Bail outs will continue and any financial institution or heavily unionized industry will qualify.
- There will be no terrorist attacks on US soil in 2009.
- Oil prices will remain low in 2009.
- Our likely recession will not last past 3rd Quarter 2009.
- There are going to be some serious power play issues among Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.
- Assassination attempts on black politicians by white supremacy groups will be the formula plot of the 2009 Fall TV lineup. It's no "family/individual getting cash it shouldn't" or "family/restaurant-on-top-of-bar finds out part of neighbor's property really belongs to them" but it'll be there.

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patsbrother said...

Thoughts on your predictions:

- It is the best that can be hoped.
- It is the best that can be hoped.
- [redacted]
- I hate.
- I hate.
- I hope.
- I hope, but doubt.
- [redacted]
- I would prefer power plays between Pelosi and Reid on the one hand and the rest of Congress on the other.
- I doubt your first sentence (though kudos to ATF and the Secret Service, for reals). I have absolutely no idea what your second sentence even says.