Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Bird By Any Other Name

Some salt in the wounds? Eating a little crow?

I'm used to hearing the LSU chants of "Tiger Bait," even though the Dawgs have taken, what, 5 out of the last 7? I'm far too used to hearing it from Florida fans. In my days, I've even heard it from some Georgia Tech fans, though they've had to be quiet for a long, long time.

Every time I hang out with Alli, I get an earful of delusional Notre Dame and Big Ten boosterism, and if the Dawgs do give this year's bowl game away to the northern land grant college that lent itself to the rise of Michael Moore, its gonna be a tough January.

Hell, I'm even used to hearing it from Saints fans, as I rolled out of Georgia and into New Orleans the night before the First Game Back in the Dome in 2006.

You remember that game, don't you?

But I am not at all used to hearing it from Falcons fans. Because even though the Saints and Birds split their home and home evenly this year, with a new QB and running back and coach, Atlanta fans get to keep playing after this Sunday.

Because of that, and my looming Christmas journey back to the homeland, I know what is coming. The Louisiana tags, the "UNO" parking sticker and the Saints magnet on the back of my ride will only ensure my subjection to "Dirty Bird" dances in and about the drinking establishments of Redfern Village.

But I'll enjoy it. And it will be fun to root for Atlanta in the playoffs again, as my relationship with the NFL is based more on teams that I hate than teams that I follow (New England must be destroyed...). I'll go to the bars, and watch the games, and raise my glass to the same toast I gave last time Atlanta made it to the NFCCG - "Not even supposed to be here today!"



Dante said...

Dirty Bird? I thought we Pass the Magic these days.

"I'll go to the bars, and watch the games, and raise my glass to the same toast I gave last time Atlanta made it to the NFCCG - "Not even supposed to be here today!""

I hope you're not talking about Atlanta not supposed to be there last time they were in the NFC Championship Game. In 2002, Atlanta made it to the divisionals after becoming the first team to beat Green Bay at Green Bay in the postseason. Vick missed most of 2003 with injury but went 3-1 when he came back. By 2004, most prognosticators had the Falcons as a pre-season playoff team. Atlanta got a bye and got a chance to bludgeon an over-the-hill Rams squad in the divisionals giving them a shot at the NFC Championship against the Eagles. There was no way they weren't supposed to be in the NFC Championship the game. They were a playoff caliber team in a weak NFC with a soft schedule.

Now that 1998 team was a different story...

Leigh C. said...

Hey, wherever you are, and whtever folks will jeer at'cha, have a happy holiday.

alli said...

Did you see ND in their game last night?? WOOHOOO!!!!

Now... Go Green! Go White! GO STATE!