Monday, December 15, 2008

Changing Nature of Divorce

Post-relationship-examination (mostly of others) has ruled an unhealthy majority of my socializing hours of late. Something in the homily at Mass this weekend made me wonder how much more sucessful the Catholic (and Protestant) 'Culture of Life' would be if the marriage counseling and family support mechanisms in each parish (and Church) were more robust than the political lobbying machines that dominate national Christian discourse. I also have thought about these things in regards to my running social discourse with DADvocate, one of the few bloggers out there who has really made me think and rethink my positions on several subjects.

While he and I have rather divergent opinions on many of these subjects (not the least of which include the sports exploits of our respective alma maters - Lane Kiffin? Really?), I have to tell you that, without the writing, articles and links he has been posting for years, I would have been fairly lost reading this massive Newsweek piece on the changing nature of divorce in America. Specifically, I would have been lost on many of the changes, societial and legal, regarding the fathers in the divorce proceedings.

I'm glad that this rather center-left national publication that I've been reading since I was 12 has decided to write up such a piece about an important and underreported social issue. But I'm also glad that I had a good primer for this material.


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