Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Haven't we read this story before? If you think you know, time to prove it. Read the following quotes and fill-in-the-blanks with the following words: Russia, New Orleans, India or Louisiana; national, empire, local, city or continent. You may use some words twice, you may not use some words.


Government in ______________ is dysfunctional. With the exception of a few elements of the __________ government....the ____________ state is simply not up to the challenge that it now faces.

______________ has a decentralized political system that is plagued by weak coalition governments, patronage and corruption, with little emphasis on professionalism and competence.

“But not everything went well. By all accounts, the initial response of the _____________ authorities was slow, haphazard and incompetent.” The place this describes is _______________.

But at the same time, the ______________ political system is uniquely unattractive in the one sphere of influence that the ______________ have always cared about most

But the ______________ political system—based on crony capitalism, democratic rituals without democracy itself, heavy media controls, omnipresent criminality—isn't itself of interest to anyone, and the _______________ have trouble creating a(n) ___________ around it.

There are, it is true, ________________ minorities across the eastern half of the ______________ that rely on ____________ for financing and political support. There are also extremely powerful business lobbies across the ____________... that can be counted on to praise _______________'s leaders, whatever they do.

Quotes ripped from articles here and here.

How did you do?


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