Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Guilt Trip

You know, nobody ever has the balls to say shit like this to Florida, Texas, & the Carolinas when they get hit with hurricanes. I wish they would, because then we'd see some true colors about the difference between natural disaster/federal engineering failures vs. crappy businesspeople who think their MBA actually taught them something. Who will they guilt trip next? Tennessee and Kentucky for the TVA?

While there could possibly be some academic and wonkish situation comparison devices you could use to contrast the road that led to the Big 3's current inability to balance a checkbook, and the road that led to federal levees failing, inundating a major American city and ending thousands of lives; those comparisons mostly lead back to one thing and one thing only: incompetence of people in a boardroom who should know better but handled an ongoing downward turn badly. That's the same way almost every problem known to mankind started. Congratulations. Shame you didn't figure it out sooner. In other news, the sun will also rise tomorrow, from an area we call "the east."

As a current resident of New Orleans, I do thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the individual and charitable donation and volunteer effort that has gone into rebuilding New Orleans. And plenty of this has come from the good people of the Midwest. Such generosity, individual motivation, and indominable spirit let me know, deep down inside, that America is truly the greatest country and that we will overcome our current national crises - from New Orleans' flood protection & Louisiana's coastal restoration to the fact that US Automakers' corporate heads and union bosses can't get their shit together.

Just thank your lucky stars that Detroit's corporate incompetence and union boss lunacy didn't cost the Motor City 2000 + human lives in the process.



DADvocate said...

It's not charity if strings are attached. I wonder how much Detroit thinks is owed them.

BTW - when the Volkwagen plant it constructed and opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee will be the largest producers of cars in the U.S. Think right to work has anything to do with that?

Dante said...

This is great. They're already past Fear and Anger and have gone to Bargaining. Depression and Acceptance are all that's left. Detroit is really frustrated right now because that unsustainable business model everyone on earth warned the automakers about is finally falling apart. They're going to lash out at everyone on the way down, especially the south. And by "the south" I mean any state that employs a large number on non-union auto workers. Indiana is curiously part of this definition of the south. Try to keep in mind that they're acting on fear and anger. Detroit left rational thought behind long ago.