Sunday, December 07, 2008

Republican Win Warms My Heart

That's right, folks. The first time I voted Republican in 6 years ended up with a win (just like last time). Joe Cao becomes the first Vietnamese - American to serve in Congress by being in the right place at the right time as contemptable Rep. William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson's luck ran out. This is literally an epic win for every interest group: the GOP has one bright spot in a dismal election year, the Democrats lose a constant national embarassment, and another feel-good American-dream style story is written.

The best part was watching the concession and victory speeches, as it was obvious the Cao camp was not expecting a win yesterday. The stage was too small, and there was no podium - Joe had to hold the mic in his hands in front of a crowd filling a too-small room. Jefferson had a stage, a DJ and what appeared a large hall prepped for a long night's party. The absolute shock on the faces of the losers and the elation on the faces of the winners was evident. This brought warmth to my cold, black heart.

The end result was far closer than when the news called the election, but as Florence, SC's new Democratic Mayor Wukela proved in the primary you only have to win by one.


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patsbrother said...

I second your sentiments and add my own "Huzzah!"

I will, however, add a caveat to the statement "you only have to win by one." That caveat is "unless you live in Georgia, in which case you must win by 50% plus one." Because we like to spend extra money repeating ourselves.