Monday, December 15, 2008

Water & Power

One thought that bounces around inside my brain on occasion has to do with power in New Orleans. The idea is generally more prevalent in the summer, while I'm paying exorbitant power bills to air condition wheverever I live, but the recent power outages in the Northeast reminded me of it.

Could New Orleans' residents ever start their own Electric Membership Corporation, along the lines of EMC's in upstate Louisiana and Georgia, or are we better off getting our power from Entergy indefinitely? Would a Crescent City EMC be a feasable option to inject competition into our power bill woes, or would it just tack on another middle man as we purchase electricity and infrastructure from someone else?

It is something to think about, after all.



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Leigh C. said...

Heh. More and more of the Blogger word verification gibberish is actually resembling words. The latest for this post: gastatio.

ANYway, I think most folks are of the mind that there needs to be an alternative to Entergy. Having everybody become a part of what you're describing might not be feasible for all here, but if enough people sign on to it, it can give Entergy some competition that is sorely lacking.

alli said...

They could just bring back NOPSI. Publicly owned utilities! Let's get rid of Jay Blossman first, though. Maybe Foster Campbell can regulate it!