Friday, January 23, 2009

Legislation & Celebrity

Oh, if only McCain had won that 2000 South Carolina primary. Now that he’s back in the Senate, he seems to be acting a little more like the legislator he should be, and that cat who would have been a far better GOP nominee 8 years ago. What are you doing these days, Mac? Slamming the door on Sen. Cornyn’s shenanigans? Hells yes.

It just reminds me that so many of our celebrities’ and politicians' images are controlled by their public relations teams sending press releases to media outlets and controlling what questions can be asked. Where did the McCain from the presidential campaigns come from? The Candidate was a cooked up caricature of someone who might appeal to the base and the independent voters at the same time, but the PR team couldn’t decide which narrative to run. Now that Mac is free from all that, he can get back to being himself, and doing what he does best (love it or hate it).

I’m glad to see that.

In other “where are they now” celebrity-for-the-sake-of-celebrity news, Sarah “Media Hate Me” Palin is taking time off from her busy schedule of being professionally persecuted by the Big Bad Media, and is ready to color in a book deal. I wonder what the title will be? Perhaps & Also: Sarah Palin’s Guide to Public Speaking; maybe From Predator to Prey – How Mama Grizzly Got Ambushed by Someone Like Katie Couric; how about All of Them – A Collection of Writings that Shaped My Unique Political Opinions.

Meanwhile, if anyone saw the Daily Show last night, they know that Fox News has now become an extension of the Discovery Channell during Armageddon Week. Limbaugh, talk radio, and even Jock DJ's have joined this belief system. The countdown to the destruction of America has begun. Welcome to Day 3 & A Half.



patsbrother said...

I would just like to point something out. John McCain is, has been, and will be a great figure in American politics. For nine years we heard great things about him. Even the New York Times endoresed him in the primaries, back when everything was flowers and giggles.

Then the Democrats finally picked their candidate and the general election began. All of a sudden the flowers died and the giggles stopped. This was well before either candidate picked a running mate. Hm. How odd.

Despite a hard record of accomplishments and positions, Mac didn't get the same plaudits he used to get. Despite being the only candidate in history to consistently tell his audiences that his opponent, the frontrunner, was a good man and not to be feared, Mac was revealed to be a horrible, horrible partisan with a record and dastardy platform so infamous that comparisons with the then-current president would be George Bush.

Then, once the votes were tallied and Senator McCain walked out onto that stage to give a concession speech (in which he yet again chastized his supporters for booing his opponent), the flowers and giggles returned. And they're back to singing his praises...on MSNBC.

Funny, that. I wonder what happened.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

You know, for years when I lived in Athens, I was always agitated that the bands I listened to got scant coverage in the local weekly. I fumed about this obvious bias towards a few bands. Then, after six years, I got so tired of it, I started writing articles and sending them in. What do you think happened? They got published.

You get the access you demand, is what I'm sayin'.

Now, add this to the fact that one of the single biggest narratives John McCain's PR people came up with - one of their tactics to win the election was, from the beginning, to constantly harp on the Media's love for Obama. Obama the One. Obama the Celebrity. Obamamania. The Savior. The Messiah. All of those things were GOP constructions to piss off their base and get them turned out against the Coronation. That was their tactic, that was their strategy, they decided in some way to forego possible media advantages in order to feed this narrative.