Thursday, January 22, 2009

Texas IS a state, Obama WAS born in the US...

...and now Obama took the actual oath of office. Yeah, in the blistering cold in front of all those people Justice Roberts misspoke the oath of office and Obama repeated it wrongly. The President is supposed to take the oath exactly as it is written in the Constitution. You know if he didn't there would be some challenges to the validity of his Presidency. So he did it right later that day. What everybody saw on TV (or in person) wasn't the actual Constitutional swearing in.

I missed that there was a second proper oath on the day of the inauguration. I was too busy reading all of the "balls" jokes reporters were working into their stories. "Obama Shines at Balls" was probably my favorite of the lot.

And just for fun, I looked back at Million Man March pictures and compared them to Obamam inauguration crowd shots. I had always heard there's no way one million people showed up for the March. If reports are right about the Obama inauguration crowd numbers, I don't know if I buy that. The crowds look about the same size to me. Was anyone at both? What are your opinions of the crowd at one versus the other?

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ecrunner said...

It was amazing to see how many people were there. Because so many people waited in the bitter cold, I got to see many of the events almost firsthand from my wireless internet connection, as people were posting things live, streaming directly to different blogs, etc. IT was pretty cool to see things in real time.