Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thank you for not smoking...

Despite my libertarian leanings, I was thrilled several years back when the Athens smoking ban went into effect. Anecdotal evidence I had seen suggested that business actually improves when such bans are put in place, and I know I was much more likely to go downtown to a concert or a bar when I knew I would not have to inhale that crap and I knew I would not return reeking of filth.

I also know that many were vehemently opposed to the ban, and that many of these individuals (and likely many of you) were and are smokers.

The article to which I cite is about a study on a smoking ban. One area adopted a smoking ban; others around it did not. The area with the smoking ban saw a 41% drop in heart attack hospitalizations after three years; the areas without the ban did not see such a drop. Forty-one percent is huge.

As the article points out, the study ain't perfect but, then again, what studies are?

Thoughts on smoking bans?

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