Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Truth to Power

A must read, this blog is a chronicle of a teacher's year in the RSD. Having done my time, the author is spot-on. These are the kinds of stories I hear about every evening from my roommate and every time I see my friends. These are the stories that need to get out, that people need to read. You want to understand crime? Here. You. Go.

I've seen the videos that some teachers have secretly taken while in school - students walking the hallways, beating up teachers, assaulting other students, trying to break down doors - and this district won't be shown such videos because making the video is illegal. Parents could sue if any evidence was entered into a record showing their kid committing a felony, and incompetent system administrators would lose their cushy, taxpayer-funded jobs if people really knew how bad these schools were, inside.

Keep up the good work, Taylor.

(HT: Liprap.)

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