Tuesday, February 03, 2009

About Damn Time

Maybe this will be the last time Tom Daschle ever rears his mug in politics again. Another "Part of the Problem" Democrat, his continued relevance to national policy only feeds right wing narratives. If you remember, he was the 'majority leader' in the Senate who lost his seat in an election that also cost his party nationwide. They were "out of touch" back then, and it don't look like a lot has changed. $120,000 dollars in unpaid taxes? The Bush economy treated him well. Liberalism as a whole has lost a lot of its luster on this dude's watch, and he's now responsible for tarnishing the Obama administration.

Good. Bye.

On the other hand, I hardly think the GOP has any kind of credibility to offer a statement like that of Sen. DeMint of South Carolina: "Part of leadership is recognizing that there has been a mistake and responding quickly." Responding quickly??? Wow. Look at the balls on that guy.

After the last 8 years, that's a lot of big talk for someone with an "R" after his name. I know they're trying to reestablish the brand and all, but its only been two and a half weeks since Ol' Dubya got in front of the cameras and wondered out loud what the big deal was with the whole "Katrina" thing.

I mean, there are a lot of things the GOP has done quickly in the last decade, but "recognize mistakes" and "respond to mistakes" aren't a part of that group.

Update: Slate provides a clear contrast between Geither's tax sins and Daschles'. Interesting read. Especially to hear all the hubub about Geither, and then find out the IRS is probably going to have to return some of the money, the part that the IRS isn't owed. It are awesome when facts get in the way of narrative.


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Dante said...

That DeMint statement might not be the best line of attack but if I were just handed my rear end in elections from someone whose idea of "change" is dredging up Tom Daschle and breaking campaign promises about lobbyists taking cabinet positions, I'd be a little defensive, too.