Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Found Money

Stuff literally shouldn't be this difficult. Just reading this article gave me headaches. Some thoughts:

- You know all those people who were complaining about "all that" Federal money spent on Katrina aid? You know how folks on the Gulf Coast were saying they hadn't seen that money? Well, apparently $8 million of those dollars have been found in Georgia because no one who works for the US or Georgia Departments of Education know how to read instructions.

- Hurricanes happen every year. That means evacuations happen every year. Supplementing budgets for systems that take on evacuees has been going on since at least Hugo in 1989. Florida dances this dance every two years. Yet, no one in Washington or Atlanta could get a handle on this since 2005?

- What the hell happens if a hurricane actually hits Georgia and those folks evacuate to other parts of Georgia? I know its been a while, people, but this may not be a lesson you want to learn on the fly.

- Thank goodness Kathy Cox did not win the governor's race in 2006. She apparently has the managment savvy of Kathleen Blanco. You'd think that folks who can't effectively manage an education system wouldn't stand a chance when running for offices with more responsibility....

- And where was Sonny in all this?

- And why didn't anyone from Washington come to check on all this before an audit? They'd rather send people bills later on than make sure money is spent correctly at the onset. Apparently, they were too busy back in 2005 conducting oversight on the financial industry....yeah, that's it.

- I don't like what these findings say about record keeping in the schools of either Georgia or Louisiana. If you go to a public school in any state, you should have a record of your identification in some database somewhere in the state capitol. Maybe students would treat school more seriously if adults treated school more seriously - and I ain't talking about the teachers.



patsbrother said...

KATHY Cox is Georgia's superintendant of public schools. CATHY Cox was Georgia's secretary of state for eight years. CATHY Cox was the gubernatorial nominee for the Democrats in 2006. KATHY Cox was not.

Please tell me you knew this.

And please refrain from pontificating as to the ineffectiveness of others if you can't even identify them.

FUN FACT: Kathy "changes over time" Cox was the first million-dollar winner on the gameshow Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. She pledged to donate her earnings to two Georgia schools for the deaf and one Georgia school for the blind.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Of course I knew this, and I still thank goodness she didn't become governor. Bad joke. More to do with the superintendent-to-governor aspirations of someone else (follow the link).

patsbrother said...

CORRECTION: Cathy Cox was a gubernatorial canidate, not nominee.

I almost couldn't go to sleep last night knowing I'd said that.