Monday, February 09, 2009

JMac Gets Down on Stimulus Haters

"This one actually made me laugh out loud. Does the Chronicle's editorial staff even realize that people have to work on the expansion of these projects?"

Where I've been looking at the politics of the stimulus, the Democrat Dawg back in Georgia has been waxing wonkishly over the economics of the thing, reminding folks that the Democrats won the elections because policies of the past EPIC FAILed, and lamenting the direction Senate negotiations have taken.

That's like a breath of fresh air for me...even though I may qualify as a stimulus hater myself. (Still wishin' we'd pushed the education & infrastructure through seperately, and first!!)


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Dante said...

You hear all those lines about "wrost economy in nearly 30 years?" Get out your calendars, folks. The last time our economy was this bad wasn't the Great Depression. It was 1980. What got us out of that one? Lower taxes and fiscal responsibility (everywhere but national defense). We didn't build infrastructure much more than we ever had. We didn't amp up education spending. We did bail out a few banks. We did give Chrysler a wad of cash somewhere around there. That's about it. There were a lot of business that failed. We still managed to trudge on.

You want to talk about failed policies but there's a clear blueprint already in place showing us how to get out of this one and it's a lot more recent than FDR.