Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring It On: School Links, I Has Them

Let's see if we can make this flow...

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was in New Orleans recently to check on progress. To get a good idea of the facts on the ground, he visited Edna Karr HS (Charter) and Sophie B. Wright (Charter).

To quote Arne's blog: "[W]e visited New Orleans, La., to see how schools are doing three years after Hurricane Katrina flooded 80 percent of the city."

So he comes to New Orleans, and visits two schools in neighborhoods that never flooded. Awesome. That makes about as much sense as checking progress in Iraq and Afganistan by visiting Dubai.

What did Arne find out? Nothing but validation. That's what happens when you only talk to people who agree with you. But this is bi-partisanship: Contracting schools out and making them charters is better than actually running them right in the first place. Right?

I mean, our failing public schools got into the shape they did because public officials failed to provide leadership and oversight. That will never happen with charters, right? Unless you're in Georgia, that is.

The report from the state Department of Audits and Accounts also says the Education Department has been lax in monitoring Georgia’s 113 charter schools and fails to make sure local school boards are keeping tabs on the charters in their systems.
How could this happen? Wait. Don't tell me. I know.

Its the teacher's fault.

Because real charters run correctly don't have problems. Just look at KIPP in Fulton County. No problems there, right? Wait. Don't tell me.

That's the teacher's fault, too.

Because KIPP is awesome, nationwide, easily sustainable, incredibly stable, and delivers proven results when servicing helpfully self-screening at-risk populations. As long as there is a highly motivated pool of TFA teachers without families or mortgages or hobbies to work the extra hours. The model is so successful they have 66 schools in 19 states.

The only reason they don't have more? That's the teacher's fault, too.

But that's cool. Teachers aren't our last lines of defense. If everything else fails, we can send in the Marines.

Hell yes.


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