Monday, March 09, 2009

Defending Stacy Head

Too often in New Orleans, race trumps policy and action.

You know, during the Gustav evacuation, I went to the UPT the Saturday before. The place was full of evacuees, National Guard, professionals from city and state agencies, dozens and dozens of volunteers and a host of media. So many folks were doing their part. There were even some local and state luminaries there giving media appearances.

But there was one local elected official who wasn't standing in front of the cameras. When I saw her, she was working the bus lines for hours. In the heat of the day with the volunteers, National Guard and evacuees, she soothed tempers and helped work out logistical issues during the crush of the evacuation.

The whole time she was getting fussed at, having a thousand questions thrown at her every minute by folks who were angry, hot and confused. She kept her cool the whole time, never snapped at the rudeness she was shown by so many, calmly answered questions, explained what was going on and provided an overwhelmingly positive light in the middle of a rather stressful situation. She walked the walk.

There were a lot of people working the UPT that day, and Stacy Head was one of them. I have never understood the disdain with which she is regarded by some people in this city and I am glad to hear that a group of her constituents is standing up and defending her publicly.


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